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大约90%的选票清点完毕后,肯雅塔得票率54.6%, 奥廷加得票率44.5%。








Kenyatta Ahead in Kenya Vote as Opposition Disputes Count

Nearly complete results from Kenya's election commission Wednesday showed President Uhuru Kenyatta well ahead of challenger Raila Odinga, who is challenging the tally and dismissing the result as a "sham."

Kenyatta led 54.6 percent to 44.5 percent over his longtime rival with about 90 percent of ballots counted.

Elections officials have up to a week to announce full results, but they may opt to announce the outcome as soon as possible to alleviate the possibility of violence.

Kenyans stood in line for hours Tuesday to cast ballots, facing rain and both cold and hot weather conditions throughout the day.

In addition to choosing between incumbent Kenyatta and challenger Odinga, voters also decided on senators, governors, women’s representatives of the national assembly, members of the national assembly, and members of the county assemblies.

The electoral commission said heavy rain hampered voting in three parts of the country — Turkana North, Baringo and Samburu — and helicopters were required to airlift materials and polling officials.

Both candidates in the presidential race expressed confidence Tuesday as they cast their ballots in Nairobi.

Opposition leader Odinga told supporters gathered outside his polling station to “continue mobilizing to come out and vote. This victory is ours.”

President Kenyatta said the ruling Jubilee coalition had run a “very positive campaign” and that he believes Kenyans “want us to continue moving forward.”