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VOA Texts from VOA's Correpondents


  1. 2017-06-30 Zuma Fate Looms Over ANC Policy Conference
  2. 2017-06-30 Venezuela's Defiant Chief Prosecutor Requests Protection
  3. 2017-06-30 US, Britain Urge Russia to Bring Those Behind Nemtsov Slaying to Justice
  4. 2017-06-30 US Travel Ban Implementation Moves Ahead with Little Protest
  5. 2017-06-30 US Envoy in Ankara to Defuse Tensions With Ally in War Against IS
  6. 2017-06-30 UN Peacekeeping Budget Cut By 0 Million
  7. 2017-06-30 UN Chief Urges Rival Cypriot Leaders to Heed Voices for Peace
  8. 2017-06-30 Tsetse Fly's Weakness May Be Its Symbiotic Bacteria
  9. 2017-06-30 Trump, Moon Present Unified Front Against North Korea
  10. 2017-06-30 Tennis Star Venus Williams Sued in Fatal Car Crash
  11. 2017-06-30 State Officials Call for End to DACA Program for US Undocumented Immigrants
  12. 2017-06-30 Stakes High for Trump in Republican Stumble Over Health Care
  13. 2017-06-30 McCartney, Sony-ATV Settle Dispute Over Rights to Beatles' Songs
  14. 2017-06-30 MSNBC 'Morning Joe' Hosts Fire Back at Trump Twitter Blasts
  15. 2017-06-30 How Each State is Answering Trump Voter Data Request
  16. 2017-06-30 Hot Dog Recipe Is New, but Nitrites Are Nitrites, Some Researchers Say
  17. 2017-06-30 Gunman Kills Doctor, Wounds 6 Others in Bronx Hospital Rampage
  18. 2017-06-30 French Far-right Leader Charged with Alleged EU Funds Misuse
  19. 2017-06-30 Escalating Violence in CAR Threatens Thousands of Civilians
  20. 2017-06-30 Drift in Congress Could Lead to Shipwreck This Fall
  21. 2017-06-30 Court- US Can Seize New York Tower Linked to Iran
  22. 2017-06-30 Brazil's 16-year-old Baseball Wonder Turning MLB Heads
  23. 2017-06-30 Beyonce, UNICEF Unite for Children's Water Project in Burundi
  24. 2017-06-30 Argentine Soccer Star Messi Returns Home to Wed Childhood Sweetheart
  25. 2017-06-30 After Attack on IS, Iran Proposes Expanding Missile Program
  26. 2017-06-30 Actress De Havilland Sues Over Her Depiction in ‘Feud’
  27. 2017-06-29 Writers Venture to Los Angeles in Pursuit of Dreams
  28. 2017-06-29 White House Defends Trump's Twitter Attacks on TV News Host
  29. 2017-06-29 What Amazon Wants From Whole Foods- Data on Shopping Habits
  30. 2017-06-29 Vietnam Blogger Gets 10 Years for ‘Conducting Propaganda’
  31. 2017-06-29 US Blacklists Chinese Bank It Says Has Been Funding N. Korean Weapons Development
  32. 2017-06-29 US Approves First Arms Sale to Taiwan Under Trump
  33. 2017-06-29 Turkish-German Relations Plummet with Berlin Banning Erdogan Rally in Germany
  34. 2017-06-29 Trump to Meet with Putin Next Week at Summit in Germany
  35. 2017-06-29 Trump Nominates Indiana Health Chief as Surgeon General
  36. 2017-06-29 Travel Ban, First On, Then Off, Is Back — But It's Different
  37. 2017-06-29 Studies Fuel Dispute Over Whether Banned Pesticides Harm Bees
  38. 2017-06-29 Russian Court Finds Chechens Guilty in Murder of Opposition Leader Nemtsov
  39. 2017-06-29 Q&A- Border Officers Play Key Role in Enforcing Travel Ban
  40. 2017-06-29 Partial US Travel Order to Take Effect Within Hours
  41. 2017-06-29 On Trump-Moon Agenda- What to Do About Kim Jong Un
  42. 2017-06-29 Ohio Man Pleads Guilty to Terrorist Activity, Newly Unsealed Records Show
  43. 2017-06-29 Minnesota Hoping for All-clear After Measles Outbreak in Somali-American Community
  44. 2017-06-29 Migrants Disillusioned With French Asylum Process Return to Calais
  45. 2017-06-29 Mali Study Finds Simple Malaria Intervention Boosts Students' Performance
  46. 2017-06-29 Malawi, UNICEF Launch Africa's First Humanitarian Drone Testing Corridor
  47. 2017-06-29 First Gay Woman Elected Serbian PM
  48. 2017-06-29 Facebook Says Internet Drone Lands Successfully on Second Test
  49. 2017-06-29 Europe Sees Spike in Nigerian Women Trafficked for Prostitution
  50. 2017-06-29 Driver Arrested for Targeting French Mosque Worshippers
  51. 2017-06-29 Climate Change Up Close- Southern, Poor Counties to Suffer
  52. 2017-06-29 CBO- Congress Must Raise Debt Ceiling by Mid-October
  53. 2017-06-29 Australia Now Home to More Migrants From Asia Than Europe
  54. 2017-06-29 After Mosul, Iraq Plans to Launch Assault on IS in Hawija
  55. 2017-06-28 Yemen War Brings Multiple Disasters- Death, Destruction, Cholera, Famine
  56. 2017-06-28 Ukraine Alleges Moscow Behind Massive Cyberattack
  57. 2017-06-28 US Lawmakers Ready North Korea Travel Ban
  58. 2017-06-28 US Immigration Officials Waiting for New Travel Ban Guidance
  59. 2017-06-28 UN- Terrorists Using 'Dark Web' in Pursuit of WMDs
  60. 2017-06-28 Top Vatican Cardinal Charged With Sex Offenses in Australia
  61. 2017-06-28 Taiwan Activist Urges Crackdown Against Floating Sweatshops
  62. 2017-06-28 Politics of Death- Lawyers Join Battle Over Land in Mineral-rich Indian State
  63. 2017-06-28 Militants Withdraw Threat to Attack Niger Delta Oil Industry
  64. 2017-06-28 Mattis Consults NATO on Afghan Strategy
  65. 2017-06-28 Kenya's New HIV Treatment Offers Hope for Patients
  66. 2017-06-28 Italy Threatens to Block Ships Carrying Migrants
  67. 2017-06-28 In South Sudan, One Hospital Delivers New Limbs, New Life
  68. 2017-06-28 Haley Tells Congress US Assuming More Assertive Role at UN
  69. 2017-06-28 Gunmen Fire at UN Convoy in Libya, Seize Workers
  70. 2017-06-28 Fed Approves Dividend, Buyback Plans of All 34 Biggest Banks
  71. 2017-06-28 European Officials- Islamic State 'Renewing Itself' Despite Battlefield Losses
  72. 2017-06-28 Cuba Expects Tourism Growth Despite Trump's Crackdown on US Travel
  73. 2017-06-28 Construction on Wetlands Ramps Up Water Stress in Zimbabwe
  74. 2017-06-28 Arizona Wildfire Forces Thousands of People From Their Homes
  75. 2017-06-28 America's Cup Foiling Technology Set to Fly Beyond Racing Boats
  76. 2017-06-28 Afghans Who Helped US Forces May Get More Visas Under Defense Bill
  77. 2017-06-28 A Decade Ago, Apple's iPhone Transformed the World
  78. 2017-06-27 Zimbabwe Churches Mount Campaign for Violence-free Polls
  79. 2017-06-27 Yellen- Reforms Have Made Financial System Safer
  80. 2017-06-27 Utah Wildfire Grows, as Firefighting Crews Battle California Blazes
  81. 2017-06-27 US Supreme Court's Ruling on Travel Ban Raises Questions
  82. 2017-06-27 US Sends Fresh Troops to Afghanistan as Policy Debate Continues
  83. 2017-06-27 US Senator Wants to Know if His Communications Were Intercepted
  84. 2017-06-27 US Observes Activity at Syrian Air Base Used in Chemical Attack
  85. 2017-06-27 Trump Political Appearances Risk Raising Ethics Flags
  86. 2017-06-27 Tillerson Meets Qatari FM on Persian Gulf Crisis
  87. 2017-06-27 Temer Calls Graft Charge a ‘Fiction' That Will Hurt Brazil's Economy
  88. 2017-06-27 Small Farm, Meet Big Data
  89. 2017-06-27 Senate Republicans Struggle to Keep Health Overhaul Alive, Delay Vote
  90. 2017-06-27 Sanctions Pinching North Korea Regime, High-level Defector Tells VOA
  91. 2017-06-27 Review Shows Concussions Ignored in World Cup
  92. 2017-06-27 Pakistan Criticizes US Move to List Kashmiri Rebel Leader as Terrorist
  93. 2017-06-27 Officials- Detained Myanmar Journalists to be Charged Under Colonial-era Law
  94. 2017-06-27 Not Just for Gamers and Techies, HoloLens Gets Down to Business
  95. 2017-06-27 New Trump Rules on Cuba Travel Leaves Winners and Losers
  96. 2017-06-27 Native American Pow Wows Celebrate Patriotism, Unity
  97. 2017-06-27 Jordan's 'Pay As You Like' Bookstore Saved by Crowd-Funding
  98. 2017-06-27 Israel's Mossad Sets Up Fund to Acquire New Spy Techniques
  99. 2017-06-27 Iran Blasts US Top Court Ruling on Trump Travel Ban
  100. 2017-06-27 IMF Cuts US Growth Outlook
  101. 2017-06-27 Facebook Announces It Now Has 2 Billion Users
  102. 2017-06-27 Ex-governor of Mexican State Agrees to Extradition from Guatemala
  103. 2017-06-27 Cypriot Unification Talks Carry Israeli-Turkish Pipeline Dream
  104. 2017-06-27 Cyberattacks Spread From Ukraine to Europe, US
  105. 2017-06-27 Battered by US Airstrikes, IS Tries New Strategy in Raqqa
  106. 2017-06-27 A Visit to Dr. Yum Means a Checkup and a Cooking Class
  107. 2017-06-26 Witnesses in Somalia Report Sinking Ship After Explosion
  108. 2017-06-26 Vintage Disneyland Concept Map Sells at Auction for 8,000
  109. 2017-06-26 Venezuela Asked to Probe Allegations of Leopoldo López’s Torture
  110. 2017-06-26 US to Work with Israel, Seek Other to Combat Cyber Attacks
  111. 2017-06-26 US Supreme Court Rules States Can Fund Some Religious School Programs
  112. 2017-06-26 US Firm Stops Selling Cladding Used in Grenfell Tower
  113. 2017-06-26 Trump Says Russia Collusion Probe Has Turned Up Nothing
  114. 2017-06-26 Tanzania Threatens Crackdown on LGBT Advocates
  115. 2017-06-26 Supreme Court Revives Parts of Trump Travel Ban
  116. 2017-06-26 Social Media Giants Join Together to Fight Terrorist Content
  117. 2017-06-26 Rhetoric, Anger Mount in Diplomatic Standoff in the Gulf
  118. 2017-06-26 Reports- US Secretary of State to Take Myanmar, Iraq Off Child Soldiers List
  119. 2017-06-26 Modi Confident in 'Convergence' of US, Indian Interests
  120. 2017-06-26 Kidnapped Journalist Found Dead in Mexico
  121. 2017-06-26 Islamic State Tries to Regroup as Mosul Losses Mount
  122. 2017-06-26 Indonesia is Blowing Illegal Fishing Boats Out of the Water
  123. 2017-06-26 How Members of Congress Play a Personal Role in Immigration Cases
  124. 2017-06-26 Growing Nuclear Arsenals Increase Concerns About Possible Pakistan-India War
  125. 2017-06-26 Cuban Farmland Lies Fallow, Production Languishes, Govt. Report Shows
  126. 2017-06-26 Congo Finds 10 More Mass Graves in Insurgency-hit Kasai Region
  127. 2017-06-26 CBO- 22 Million More Uninsured Under Senate Health Care Bill
  128. 2017-06-26 Buried in Old Mosul
  129. 2017-06-26 Boot Camps, Internships Train 'Climate Champions' in Uganda
  130. 2017-06-26 At Platform 9-3-4, Harry Potter Fans Mark 20 Years of Magic
  131. 2017-06-26 Ancient Cliff Dwellings Draw Modern Crowds
  132. 2017-06-25 Vietnamese Dissident Recounts Deportation to France
  133. 2017-06-25 US- It 'Will Be Very Difficult' for Qatar to Meet Arab Neighbors' Demands
  134. 2017-06-25 US Gay Pride Parades Sound Note of Resistance — and Face Some
  135. 2017-06-25 Trump- 'A Very Narrow Path' to Repeal Obama's Healthcare Law
  136. 2017-06-25 SpaceX Launches 10 Satellites
  137. 2017-06-25 South Korea Urges North to Stop Weapons Development
  138. 2017-06-25 Opera Pops up at NYC Garage, Dive Bar, Basketball Court
  139. 2017-06-25 Nine Dead, 28 Missing After Tourist Boat Sinks in Colombia
  140. 2017-06-25 Muslims in Asia Pray for Peace As Ramadan Holy Month Ends
  141. 2017-06-25 Low Turnout as Albanians Head to the Polls
  142. 2017-06-25 Japan Media- Takata Decides to File for Bankruptcy
  143. 2017-06-25 Italy's Center-right Wins Big in Mayoral Elections
  144. 2017-06-25 Israel Strikes Syrian Targets After Second Day of Stray Fire
  145. 2017-06-25 Iraqi Troops Push Deeper into Mosul
  146. 2017-06-25 Government Websites Hacked With Pro-Islamic State Rant
  147. 2017-06-25 Diverse Minorities in Massachusetts Mill Town Struggle for Representation
  148. 2017-06-25 Debt, Protectionism Could Drag Down Improving Global Economy
  149. 2017-06-25 Colombian Police Arrest 8 for Deadly Shopping Mall Blast
  150. 2017-06-25 China Brokers Deal Between Pakistan, Afghanistan For Managing Crisis-Hit Ties
  151. 2017-06-25 At Least 150 dead in Pakistan Tanker Explosion
  152. 2017-06-24 Will Downing of Tehran Drone Hurt Pakistan-Iran Relations Further-
  153. 2017-06-24 Ukraine Says Two Soldiers Killed Despite Cease-Fire
  154. 2017-06-24 US Southwest to See Little Respite From Hot Temperatures
  155. 2017-06-24 US Congressman Injured in Shooting Is Moved out of Intensive Care
  156. 2017-06-24 Trump Reconnects With Loyal Base as Democrats Mull Latest Defeat
  157. 2017-06-24 Taekwondo Team Opens Door to Inter-Korean Cooperation
  158. 2017-06-24 Saudi Arabia Donates Millions to Fight Cholera in Yemen
  159. 2017-06-24 Pakistan Beefs Up Border Patrol After Attacks in 3 Cities
  160. 2017-06-24 New White House Usher a Former Trump Hotel Employee
  161. 2017-06-24 Looking to Mosul's Future Amid Extreme Violence
  162. 2017-06-24 Istanbul Cancels Gay Pride Parade Following Threats
  163. 2017-06-24 Exterior Insulation Tests Fail at 27 British High-Rise Towers
  164. 2017-06-24 EU Agrees to Defense Cooperation, Little Progress on Migration, Brexit
  165. 2017-06-24 Despite Signs of Hope, Millions Across Africa Remain at Risk of Starvation
  166. 2017-06-24 Cameroon Says Attacks Increased During Ramadan
  167. 2017-06-24 As Supreme Court Nears Finish, Kennedy Retirement Rumors Swirl
  168. 2017-06-23 Urban Gardeners Feed Body and Soul in LA
  169. 2017-06-23 US Would Welcome Effective Syrian Effort to Defeat IS, Military Says
  170. 2017-06-23 US Senators Demand Investigation of Reports of Torture in Yemen
  171. 2017-06-23 US Mayors- Look to Us, Not Washington, for Results
  172. 2017-06-23 US Judge Halts Deportation of Iraqi Christians
  173. 2017-06-23 US Drops Reward Offer for Former al-Shabab Leader
  174. 2017-06-23 UN- Food Aid Dwindling in World's Fastest-growing Refugee Crisis
  175. 2017-06-23 UN- Cholera Cases in Yemen Could Top 300,000 by End of August
  176. 2017-06-23 UN Launches Inquiry Into Congo Atrocities
  177. 2017-06-23 UK Police Probing Criminal Offenses in Deadly London Blaze
  178. 2017-06-23 Turkey Stands by Qatar in Ongoing Crisis
  179. 2017-06-23 Trump- Friendship Between Leader of Russia Probe, Fired FBI Director 'Very Bothersome'
  180. 2017-06-23 Trump Signs Bill to Facilitate Firing of Federal VA Workers Accused of Wrongdoing
  181. 2017-06-23 Taliban Chief- US Troop Surge a 'Mistake'
  182. 2017-06-23 Steve Earle Enlists Miranda, Willie to Revisit Outlaw Music
  183. 2017-06-23 Srpska Mufti- Acute Poverty, Jobless Youth Imperil Stability
  184. 2017-06-23 Rising Temperatures, Acidification Threaten Mediterranean Sea Species
  185. 2017-06-23 Pessimism About CAR Peace Deal Widespread
  186. 2017-06-23 Paris Ups Its Game in 2024 Olympics Bid
  187. 2017-06-23 Kenyan Court Says Polling Station Results Final
  188. 2017-06-23 Indian PM Modi to Visit President Trump With Hopes of Expanded Ties
  189. 2017-06-23 In Iraq, Children Dying, Suffering in 'One of the Most Brutal Wars'
  190. 2017-06-23 Ford's China Move Casts New Cloud on Mexican Automaking
  191. 2017-06-23 Fans Ride to Georgia for 'Smokey and the Bandit' Celebration
  192. 2017-06-23 EU Tackles Pressing Issues at First Summit Since Brexit Talks
  193. 2017-06-23 Can Flourishing Islamic State Be Stopped in Afghanistan-
  194. 2017-06-23 At Women-only Salon in Brooklyn, Muslim-Americans Prepare for Eid
  195. 2017-06-23 Anguish as Trapped Workers Call for Help in Peru Fire
  196. 2017-06-23 Analysts- Russia's Military Threats Mainly Bluster, but Conflict Risk Rising
  197. 2017-06-23 Agriculture Group- Drought Has Cost Italian Farmers 1 Billion Euros
  198. 2017-06-22 Yellowstone Grizzly Bears to Lose Endangered Species Protection
  199. 2017-06-22 US Examining Taliban Video of American, Australian Hostages
  200. 2017-06-22 UN- Treatment, Not Prison, Way to Deal With Global Drug Epidemic
  201. 2017-06-22 Trump Tweets He Has No Comey Tapes
  202. 2017-06-22 Trump Questions Why Obama Administration Didn't Thwart Russian Election Meddling
  203. 2017-06-22 Survey- Americans Divided Over Gun Policy Issues
  204. 2017-06-22 Senate Republican Health Care Plan Draws Criticism
  205. 2017-06-22 S. Africa High Court Rules Parliament Can Hold Secret Vote to Oust President
  206. 2017-06-22 Ron Howard Takes Helm of Han Solo 'Star Wars' Film
  207. 2017-06-22 Pentagon- Islamic State Problem ‘Not Getting Better’ in Afghanistan
  208. 2017-06-22 New Trump Executive Order May Increase US Visa Wait Times
  209. 2017-06-22 Minnesota to Still Engage With Cuba Despite Trump Setback
  210. 2017-06-22 Italian Airport Lifts Ban on One Liquid- Pesto
  211. 2017-06-22 Investigators Obtain Data Recorder in US Warship Collision
  212. 2017-06-22 Indian Man on Death Row in Pakistan Seeks Clemency From Army Chief
  213. 2017-06-22 India Drops Sedition Charges Against Pakistan Cricket Fans
  214. 2017-06-22 Germany to Clear Gay Men's Convictions
  215. 2017-06-22 France's Macron Brings Corporate Background to Cabinet Shake-up
  216. 2017-06-22 Female Passenger Wins Gender Bias Case Against Israeli Airline
  217. 2017-06-22 Egypt Expands Media Crackdown; Rights Groups Lament Plight of Press
  218. 2017-06-22 EU Parliament President Calls for Friendly Post-Brexit Relations
  219. 2017-06-22 Drones, 5G Internet Dominate Talks as Tech Execs Visit White House
  220. 2017-06-22 Cosby Plans Speeches on Sexual Assault, Spokesman says
  221. 2017-06-22 Chile's New Low-cost Airline JetSmart Plans to Sell .50 Tickets
  222. 2017-06-22 Asia’s Booming Plastics Industry Prompts Ocean Pollution Fears
  223. 2017-06-21 US Says Gulf States Have Prepared List of Demands for Qatar
  224. 2017-06-21 US Officials Push China to Act on North Korea After Student’s Death
  225. 2017-06-21 UN- Despite Cease-fire, 'Hostilities Have Persisted' in South Sudan
  226. 2017-06-21 UN Says Congo Withdrawing Troops From CAR Mission
  227. 2017-06-21 UN Chief Calls for Protection of Civilians in Raqqa
  228. 2017-06-21 Trump Heading to Farm State Iowa for Rally
  229. 2017-06-21 Teach ‘Fathers of Tomorrow' to Keep Girls in School Today, Study Shows
  230. 2017-06-21 Taliban Releases New Video of US, Australian Hostages
  231. 2017-06-21 South Dakota Native Americans Struggle With Homelessness
  232. 2017-06-21 Russia Cancels Talks With US After New Sanctions
  233. 2017-06-21 Romanian Lawmakers Oust PM Grindeanu in No-confidence Vote
  234. 2017-06-21 Pop Stars Release Song to Raise Funds for London Fire Victims
  235. 2017-06-21 OHCHR- Deaths, Injuries Mount as Ukraine Conflict Enters 4th Year
  236. 2017-06-21 New Girl Scout Badges Focus on Cybercrime, Not Cookie Sales
  237. 2017-06-21 Lockheed Wins US Air Force Deal for Radar Threat Simulators
  238. 2017-06-21 Kushner Kicks Off Mideast Peace Push
  239. 2017-06-21 Islamic State Blows Up Historic Mosque in Mosul
  240. 2017-06-21 Iran Escalates Involvement in Syria With Anti-IS Missile Strike
  241. 2017-06-21 Giant Iceberg Like 'Niggling Tooth' Set to Crack off Antarctica
  242. 2017-06-21 Germany OKs Plan to Pull Troops From Turkey's Incirlik Air Base
  243. 2017-06-21 FBI- Gunman Who Attacked Republican Lawmakers Acted Alone
  244. 2017-06-21 Ex-US Homeland Security Chief Says Russian Meddling Did Not Affect Election Results
  245. 2017-06-21 EU Takes Lead in Campaign to Prevent Gender-based Violence
  246. 2017-06-21 Diageo to Buy Clooney's Tequila Brand in B Deal
  247. 2017-06-21 Democrats Ask ‘What’s Next-’ After Republican Congressional Victories
  248. 2017-06-21 Deadly Portugal Fire Extinguished, Others Still Blazing
  249. 2017-06-21 Canadian National Charged in Michigan Airport Stabbing
  250. 2017-06-21 Analysts- Appointment of New Saudi Crown Prince Is No Surprise
  251. 2017-06-20 Yemen Struggling With Cholera Outbreak, Currently World's Largest
  252. 2017-06-20 White House Hosts Ukraine President, Says Russia Sanctions to Remain in Place
  253. 2017-06-20 US, Venezuela Delegates Clash at OAS Summit
  254. 2017-06-20 US Urges China to Change Calculus on N. Korea Ahead of Security Talks
  255. 2017-06-20 US State Department Questions Gulf Motives on Qatar Boycott
  256. 2017-06-20 US Lawmakers Explain Claim That Trump Violates Constitution
  257. 2017-06-20 US House Speaker, Trump Aides Vow Tax Reform by End of 2017
  258. 2017-06-20 US Election Officials, Cybersecurity Experts to Testify on Russian Hacking
  259. 2017-06-20 UN, AU Call for Restraint Along Eritrea-Djibouti Border
  260. 2017-06-20 Turkish Opposition Leader Accuses 'Dictator' Erdogan of Judicial Interference
  261. 2017-06-20 Turkey Feels Strain as World's Largest Host of Refugees
  262. 2017-06-20 Trump Calls North Korea's Treatment of Warmbier a 'Disgrace'
  263. 2017-06-20 Russian Plane Comes Within Meters of US Jet Flying Over Baltic Sea
  264. 2017-06-20 Red Cross App Helps Refugees in Italy Find Food Banks, Doctors, More
  265. 2017-06-20 Rape, Domestic Abuse Among Traumas South Sudan Refugees Carry to Camps
  266. 2017-06-20 Political Spotlight on Trump Son-in-law Gets Brighter
  267. 2017-06-20 Police- Suspected Boko Haram Militants Kill 2 in Police Ambush
  268. 2017-06-20 Pentagon Confirms Death of Islamic State 'Grand Mufti'
  269. 2017-06-20 McConnell- GOP Getting Ready for Senate Health Care Vote
  270. 2017-06-20 MSCI to Add Chinese Mainland Shares to Emerging Markets
  271. 2017-06-20 France Softens Proposed UN Backing for Sahel Force to Appease US
  272. 2017-06-20 Entrepreneur Turns Beirut Slum Into Vast Canvas
  273. 2017-06-20 Elite Iranian Corps Likely Flew Drone That US Downed, Officials Tell VOA
  274. 2017-06-20 Digital Economy Seen Presenting New Opportunity for US-ASEAN Engagement
  275. 2017-06-20 DC Roundup- Poroshenko at White House, Russia Sanctions, Cybersecurity Hearing
  276. 2017-06-20 Britain’s May Launches Plan for Government
  277. 2017-06-20 Belgian Troops Shoot 'Terrorist' Bomber in Brussels Station
  278. 2017-06-19 Uganda Hosting Donor Summit to Raise B for Refugees
  279. 2017-06-19 US Supreme Court to Hear Contentious Political Boundaries Case
  280. 2017-06-19 US Student Imprisoned in North Korea Dies
  281. 2017-06-19 US Reacts Forcefully to Russian Threat to Treat US Planes in Syria as 'Targets'
  282. 2017-06-19 US Energy Chief- Carbon Dioxide Not Prime Driver of Warming
  283. 2017-06-19 Two Americans From Ohio Detained in North Korea Had Different Paths Home
  284. 2017-06-19 Trump Welcomes President of Panama to White House
  285. 2017-06-19 Tech Titans Gather at White House to Modernize Government
  286. 2017-06-19 Supreme Court- Law Banning Offensive Trademarks Unconstitutional
  287. 2017-06-19 Qatar Says Will Not Negotiate Until ‘Blockade’ Lifted
  288. 2017-06-19 Native Americans Call For Rethink of Bering Strait Theory
  289. 2017-06-19 Mourners-in-Chief- Terror Attacks, Disasters Test European Leaders
  290. 2017-06-19 Mosul Old City Battle Goes House to House as IS Fighters Defend
  291. 2017-06-19 Kushner Heading to Mideast for Peace Talks
  292. 2017-06-19 Journalists' Trial Puts Spotlight on Media Freedom in Turkey
  293. 2017-06-19 Investigators Question Delay in Reporting US Destroyer Collision
  294. 2017-06-19 Havana- Trump's Cuba Policy Speech 'Grotesque Spectacle'
  295. 2017-06-19 France Drives EU Defense Integration as Britain Fears Being Left Out
  296. 2017-06-19 Equatorial Guinea Leader's Son on Trial in France in Absentia
  297. 2017-06-19 Central African Republic Foes Sign Church-mediated Peace Accord
  298. 2017-06-19 Cameroon Detains 30 of Its Soldiers Fighting Boko Haram
  299. 2017-06-19 Britain Moves Quickly to Quell Muslim Tensions
  300. 2017-06-18 With Whole Foods, Amazon on Collision Course With Wal-Mart
  301. 2017-06-18 Vehicle Rams Pedestrians Near London Mosque; Several People Injured
  302. 2017-06-18 US Fighter Jet Downs Syrian Warplane
  303. 2017-06-18 Trump Lawyer- President Not Under Investigation
  304. 2017-06-18 Saving Bunong, a Vulnerable Language in Cambodia
  305. 2017-06-18 North Korea- US Officials Seized Diplomatic Package at JFK
  306. 2017-06-18 No Retirement Talk from Dianne Feinstein, Oldest US Senator
  307. 2017-06-18 Macron's Party Wins Absolute Majority in French Parliament
  308. 2017-06-18 London Mayor Admits Fire Caused by 'Mistakes and Neglect'
  309. 2017-06-18 Iraqi Forces Launch Final Assault on IS-Held Mosul Old City
  310. 2017-06-18 Iran Says It Fired Missiles at Terror Bases in Eastern Syria
  311. 2017-06-18 IS Victim Wants to Show Terrorism's Consequences Through Film
  312. 2017-06-18 Hundreds of Thousands Gather at Brazil Gay Parade
  313. 2017-06-18 Colombia Offers Reward in Deadly Shopping Mall Bombing
  314. 2017-06-18 Britain and EU Launch Brexit Talks in Brussels
  315. 2017-06-18 At Least 61 Die in Portugal Forest Fire
  316. 2017-06-18 At Least 2 Dead in Attack on Malian Resort
  317. 2017-06-17 Yemen Government Agrees to UN Hodeidah Plan, Houthis Skeptical
  318. 2017-06-17 Yellowstone Takes Steps to Halt Spread of Invasive Mussels
  319. 2017-06-17 US Navy Still Searching for Sailors Missing After Collision at Sea
  320. 2017-06-17 UN Chief Set to Name New Libya Envoy After Rare Contentious Search
  321. 2017-06-17 Trump Heads to Rustic Camp David for Weekend
  322. 2017-06-17 Trump Cabinet Officers Urge on Republicans in Georgia Race
  323. 2017-06-17 Thousands March in Madrid, Calling on Spain to OK More Refugees
  324. 2017-06-17 Tax Overhaul in Trouble as Opposition to Import Tax Grows
  325. 2017-06-17 Stephen Furst, of ‘Animal House’ and ‘St. Elsewhere,’ Dies at 63
  326. 2017-06-17 Rwanda's Ruling Party Picks Kagame as August Candidate
  327. 2017-06-17 Pope to Merkel- Fight for Paris Climate Accord
  328. 2017-06-17 Judge Declares Mistrial in Cosby Rape Trial
  329. 2017-06-17 Following IS Attacks, Iran Cracks Down on Armed Dissident Groups
  330. 2017-06-17 Farmers Blast Trump’s Cuba Retreat as Bad for Trade
  331. 2017-06-17 Estonia Upstart Taxify Wants to Take on Uber
  332. 2017-06-17 Britain's May Meets with Victims of Deadly High-rise Blaze
  333. 2017-06-17 Brazil's Leader, Billionaire Accuse Each Other of Corruption
  334. 2017-06-17 Anwar Ibrahim, Jailed Malaysian Opposition Leader, Withdraws as PM Candidate
  335. 2017-06-17 Afghan 'Insider Attack' Wounds 7 US Soldiers
  336. 2017-06-17 5 Killed, 12 Hurt in al-Shabab Attack on Somali Military Base
  337. 2017-06-17 1 Dead, 11 Injured by Explosion in Upscale Colombia Mall
  338. 2017-06-16 Wounded US Congressman Better, Still 'Critical'
  339. 2017-06-16 US-led Coalition Closely Monitoring Turkish Training of Syrian Militia
  340. 2017-06-16 US Concerned About Baltic Incidents in Upcoming Russian War Games
  341. 2017-06-16 Trump's Cuba Shift Leaves Some Obama Policies in Place
  342. 2017-06-16 Trump Revises Obama's Opening to Cuba but Leaves Much Untouched
  343. 2017-06-16 Trump Keeps Railing at Russia Probe; Kushner Deals Reportedly Draw Scrutiny
  344. 2017-06-16 Trump Finances- Mar-a-Lago, DC Hotel Revenue Up
  345. 2017-06-16 Theory of Evolution Needs Update, Scientists Say
  346. 2017-06-16 Pentagon- No Decision on US Troop Numbers in Afghanistan
  347. 2017-06-16 On The Run, Vietnam's 'Most Wanted' Green Blogger Tells VOA He's Safe
  348. 2017-06-16 Mosul Battle- Searching for Bodies in IS Rubble
  349. 2017-06-16 Jury in Minnesota Acquits Police Officer in Fatal Shooting
  350. 2017-06-16 Israeli Policewoman Fatally Stabbed in Jerusalem
  351. 2017-06-16 Helmut Kohl, Chancellor Who United Germany, Dies at 87
  352. 2017-06-16 Greece Dodges New Crisis, but Austerity Remains Part of Life
  353. 2017-06-16 European Rights Body Criticizes Draft Moldovan Electoral Law
  354. 2017-06-16 DC Roundup- Revised Cuba Policy, Russia Investigation Tweets, Scalise Recovery
  355. 2017-06-16 Climate Change Study Canceled Because of Impact of Climate Change
  356. 2017-06-16 As Russia Probe Widens, Special Counsel Builds Up Team
  357. 2017-06-16 Apple Hires Sony TV Executives to Boost Video Content
  358. 2017-06-16 Anger Erupts in London Over Grenfell Tower's Feared Renovation Flaws
  359. 2017-06-16 After 41 Years, McDonald’s Ends Olympics Sponsorship
  360. 2017-06-16 7 Reported Missing After US Navy Ship Collides With Merchant Vessel off Japan Coast
  361. 2017-06-16 2 Bodies Found, Shootout Kills 1 in Mexico Resort of Cancun
  362. 2017-06-15 Video Game Helps Unlock Animal Vision, Camouflage Secrets
  363. 2017-06-15 VP Pence- Illegal Immigration From Central America 'Must End'
  364. 2017-06-15 US Sees Russia's 'Humanitarian Center' in Serbia as Spy Outpost
  365. 2017-06-15 US Police Issue Arrest Warrants in Turkish Bodyguard Attack on Protesters
  366. 2017-06-15 UN Security Council Urges Peaceful Settlement in Yemen
  367. 2017-06-15 Trump- Congressman Scalise in 'Some Trouble' After Baseball Practice Shooting
  368. 2017-06-15 Trump Visits US Supreme Court as Justices Weigh Travel Ban
  369. 2017-06-15 Trump Attacks Investigation of Possible Obstruction of Justice
  370. 2017-06-15 Teams Play for Wounded Lawmaker at Annual Congressional Baseball Game
  371. 2017-06-15 Suicide Bomber Hits Worshipers in Crowded Kabul Mosque
  372. 2017-06-15 Study- Three Mutations Could Make Bird Flu a Potential Pandemic
  373. 2017-06-15 Pen Pal Program Connects US Students with Refugee Camp in Kenya
  374. 2017-06-15 Pakistan to Boost Security for Chinese Nationals After IS Killings
  375. 2017-06-15 Opposing Trump, Conservative Bloc Demands Reforms to Internet Spy Law
  376. 2017-06-15 New HIV Infections Climb Among Young Women in South Africa
  377. 2017-06-15 Native Americans Call For Rethink of Bering Strait Theory
  378. 2017-06-15 Nairobi's Sidewalk Political Debaters Discuss Elections
  379. 2017-06-15 Military-linked Business Enterprises Dominate in Cuba
  380. 2017-06-15 Macron- France Must Be Country That 'Thinks and Moves Like a Startup'
  381. 2017-06-15 Indonesia Plows Ahead on Fisheries Protection, Despite Resource Constraints
  382. 2017-06-15 From Bleeps of 'Pong' and 'Mario,' Game Music Comes of Age
  383. 2017-06-15 Footsteps Through the Ancient Past in New Mexico
  384. 2017-06-15 Facebook Uses Artificial Intelligence to Fight Terrorism
  385. 2017-06-15 Ex-Guatemalan Vice President Says She Will Accept Extradition to US
  386. 2017-06-15 Europol- European Jihadists Getting Younger, Increasingly Female
  387. 2017-06-15 Colombia's FARC Leader- All Weapons to Be Handed Over by June 20
  388. 2017-06-15 Ankara Pushes Back on Iraqi Kurd Independence Bid
  389. 2017-06-15 Amnesty International Rebukes Nigerian Military for Dropping War Crimes Inquiry
  390. 2017-06-15 A Year After Brexit Vote, More People View EU Favorably
  391. 2017-06-14 Why Islamic State Chose Raqqa as Its Syrian Capital
  392. 2017-06-14 Washington Police Say 2 Arrests Made in Turkish Embassy Melee Case
  393. 2017-06-14 US Senate Approves Amendment With New Round of Russia Sanctions
  394. 2017-06-14 US House Leaders Unite in Call for Humanity in Wake of Shooting Rampage
  395. 2017-06-14 Top House Republican Seriously Wounded in Shooting at Baseball Practice
  396. 2017-06-14 Tillerson- Funding Level Doesn't Equate to Goal Achievement
  397. 2017-06-14 Southern Baptists Condemn 'Alt-right' Movement
  398. 2017-06-14 Shootings Involving Members of Congress Since 1950
  399. 2017-06-14 Shooting Victim Steve Scalise Is Third-Ranking US House Republican
  400. 2017-06-14 Shooter at Lawmakers' Baseball Practice Was Trump Critic, Sanders Fan
  401. 2017-06-14 Romania's Ruling Party Withdraws Support For Its PM
  402. 2017-06-14 Report- Trump Being Investigated for Possible Obstruction of Justice
  403. 2017-06-14 Qatari Businesses Find New Suppliers After Gulf Boycott
  404. 2017-06-14 Pakistan Army Chief Slams US Drone Operation
  405. 2017-06-14 Niger Authorities Rescue More Than 100 Migrants Abandoned in Sahara
  406. 2017-06-14 Medical App Aims to Tackle Rape, Flag War Crimes in DRC
  407. 2017-06-14 Marshall Islands Leader Appeals for Help on Climate Change
  408. 2017-06-14 In Politically Divided Washington, US Congressional Baseball Game Takes It to Field
  409. 2017-06-14 ICRC- Urban Warfare Takes Heavy Civilian Toll in Syria, Iraq, Yemen
  410. 2017-06-14 Grammys Switches to Online Voting, Changes Top Album Rule
  411. 2017-06-14 Gambian Media Thriving Since Jammeh's Departure
  412. 2017-06-14 Facebook to Add Fundraising Option to 'Safety Check'
  413. 2017-06-14 Educators Aim to Reach 6M Children With Visual, Hearing Impairments
  414. 2017-06-14 California Air Base on Security Lockdown
  415. 2017-06-14 Broccoli Ingredient Found to Reduce Blood Sugar in Diabetics
  416. 2017-06-14 Britain's Left-Wing Labour Surge Takes Inspiration from US, France
  417. 2017-06-14 BLOG- Lawmakers React to Shooting of Rep. Scalise
  418. 2017-06-14 Austrian Social Democrats Drop Ban on Coalitions With Far Right
  419. 2017-06-14 At Least 7 Dead in Mogadishu Attack
  420. 2017-06-13 Uber CEO Takes Leave of Absence Amid Controversies
  421. 2017-06-13 US Weighs Sanctions on Countries Doing Business with North Korea
  422. 2017-06-13 US Strike Reportedly Kills Haqqani Network Commander in Pakistan
  423. 2017-06-13 US Issues Rare Alert Against North Korean Cyberattacks
  424. 2017-06-13 US Deputy Attorney General Assures Congress of Special Counsel Independence
  425. 2017-06-13 US College Student Evacuated from North Korean Prison in Coma
  426. 2017-06-13 Trump Clings to Coal as Worldwide Demand Plummets
  427. 2017-06-13 Trump Attacks Latest Court Ruling Against Travel Ban
  428. 2017-06-13 Tillerson Defends Proposed Cuts to Diplomacy, Foreign Aid Programs
  429. 2017-06-13 Sessions- Nothing Improper About 2016 Meetings With Russian Ambassador
  430. 2017-06-13 Red Cross Warns of 'Unprecedented' Cholera Cases in Yemen
  431. 2017-06-13 Pentagon Chief- US ‘Not Winning’ in Afghanistan
  432. 2017-06-13 Michigan Vietnam Vet Is Trump's 1st Medal of Honor Recipient
  433. 2017-06-13 Mass Food Poisoning in Camp Outside Mosul Sickens Hundreds
  434. 2017-06-13 Lebanese Parties Agree on Electoral Law, Foreign Minister Says
  435. 2017-06-13 Hungary Tightens Rules on Foreign-funded NGOs, Defying EU
  436. 2017-06-13 Former Journalist Pleads Guilty in Jewish Bomb Threats Case
  437. 2017-06-13 European Cities Try to Keep Public Spaces Open While Adding Security
  438. 2017-06-13 Ethiopia’s Civil Society Getting Squeezed
  439. 2017-06-13 Drones Carrying Defibrillators Could Aid Heart Emergencies
  440. 2017-06-13 Britain, France Announce Joint Campaign Against Online Radicalization
  441. 2017-06-13 Bhutan, Maldives Have Eliminated Measles, WHO Says
  442. 2017-06-13 Ankara Backs Qatar in Saudi-led Showdown
  443. 2017-06-13 Analysts- Absence of South Sudan President from IGAD Summit Problematic
  444. 2017-06-13 6 Refugees Sentenced in Attack on Homeless Man in Berlin
  445. 2017-06-13 2 US Senate Democrats Seek Probes of Administration's Secret Messaging
  446. 2017-06-12 Venezuela Court Rejects Call to Stop Constitution Rewrite
  447. 2017-06-12 US Opts Out of G-7 Pledge Committing to Paris Climate Accord
  448. 2017-06-12 US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Against Travel Ban
  449. 2017-06-12 UN- Israel, Palestinians Fail to Prosecute War Crimes
  450. 2017-06-12 UN Resettles Albino Refugees Due to Threats in Malawi
  451. 2017-06-12 Turkish-EU Talks Rekindle Membership, Human Rights Hopes
  452. 2017-06-12 Sweet Sizzlin' Beans! Fancy Names May Boost Healthy Dining
  453. 2017-06-12 Study- Premature Babies Often Catch Up to Peers in School
  454. 2017-06-12 Sessions' Testimony to Congress Tuesday to Be Open to Public
  455. 2017-06-12 Seeds of Change Offer Hope in Lebanon
  456. 2017-06-12 Russian Court Sentences Opposition Leader Navalny to 30 Days in Jail
  457. 2017-06-12 Researchers Say Power-grid-wrecking Software Discovered
  458. 2017-06-12 Republican Lawmakers Press for Release of Trump-Comey Tape, if It Exists
  459. 2017-06-12 Poland Concerned About Rising Protectionism in Europe After Macron Win
  460. 2017-06-12 Peru Calls for Regional Action to Avoid Venezuela 'Sea of Blood'
  461. 2017-06-12 Music Road Warriors James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt Team Up This Summer
  462. 2017-06-12 May Clings On as British Business Issues Warning
  463. 2017-06-12 Macri Deploys Social Workers, Meets Skepticism From Argentina's Poor
  464. 2017-06-12 Justices Strike Down Gender Differences in Citizenship Law
  465. 2017-06-12 Hundreds Mark Anniversary of Orlando Shooting
  466. 2017-06-12 Guatemala Prosecutors Eye President in Children's Home Fire Probe
  467. 2017-06-12 Ethiopia Trash Landslide Victims Receive Compensation
  468. 2017-06-12 Cybersecurity Firms Warn of Malware That Could Cause Power Outages
  469. 2017-06-12 Croatia Foreign Minister Quits as New Government Takes Office
  470. 2017-06-12 Arrests, Clashes As Police Evicts Hundreds from Myanmar Slum
  471. 2017-06-12 9-11 Tribute Museum Expands Space for Personal Stories
  472. 2017-06-12 6.2-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Turkey, Greece
  473. 2017-06-12 'Angels in America' Resonates 25 Years Later as Play, Opera
  474. 2017-06-11 Ukrainians Celebrate First Day of Visa-free Travel to EU
  475. 2017-06-11 Uber Discussing Leave for CEO, Reports Say
  476. 2017-06-11 US-Backed Syrian Fighters Seize Parts of IS 'Capital' Raqqa
  477. 2017-06-11 US Lawmakers Await Sessions' Testimony
  478. 2017-06-11 Somali, US Military Claim to Destroy an Al-Shabab Training Base
  479. 2017-06-11 Puerto Rico Votes in Favor of US Statehood
  480. 2017-06-11 Prison Attack in Eastern Congo Kills 11, Frees 900 Prisoners
  481. 2017-06-11 Nadal Wins 10th French Open, Makes Tennis History
  482. 2017-06-11 Melania Trump, Son Barron Move Into the White House
  483. 2017-06-11 Melania Trump, Son Barron Move Into White House
  484. 2017-06-11 Kevin Spacey Leads This Year's Tony Awards
  485. 2017-06-11 Katy Perry Opens Up on Livestream About Suicidal Thoughts
  486. 2017-06-11 Italian Minister- US, G-7 Far Apart on Paris Climate Deal
  487. 2017-06-11 Iran, Turkey Send Food to Qatar Amid Fears of Shortages
  488. 2017-06-11 Hundreds of Thousands Across US March for Gay Pride
  489. 2017-06-11 French President Macron Wins Big in Parliamentary Vote
  490. 2017-06-11 Fellow Republicans Press Trump About Tapes
  491. 2017-06-11 Experts Skeptical About Reports of Death of al-Baghdadi
  492. 2017-06-11 DC Roundup- Sessions to Testify, Obstruction of Justice-, Qatar Crisis, Trump to Poland
  493. 2017-06-11 Britain’s May Names New Cabinet, Vows to Stay on as PM
  494. 2017-06-11 Afghan Terror Chief Haqqani Denies Role in Bloody Kabul Attacks
  495. 2017-06-10 Trump to Visit Poland in July, Before G-20 Summit in Germany
  496. 2017-06-10 Trump Readies New US Policy Toward Cuba
  497. 2017-06-10 Tapwrit Rallies in Stretch to Win Belmont Stakes
  498. 2017-06-10 South Korean Yekwon Sunwoo Wins Cliburn Piano Competition
  499. 2017-06-10 Sessions to Appear Before Senate Panel Probing Russian Links to Election
  500. 2017-06-10 Russia Warns US Not to Strike Syrian Pro-government Forces Again
  501. 2017-06-10 Poll Finds 85 Percent of Venezuelans Oppose Constitution Revision
  502. 2017-06-10 Pakistani Man Sentenced to Death for Anti-Islam Content on Social Media
  503. 2017-06-10 Mosul Burqa Ban Unveils Militants in Hiding
  504. 2017-06-10 Merkel Ready for Brexit Talks, Assumes May Is Also
  505. 2017-06-10 Iranian Reformists Fear Crackdown Fallout From Islamic State-inspired Attacks
  506. 2017-06-10 Indonesia Urges UN to Declare Fish Theft a Transnational Crime
  507. 2017-06-10 Erdogan Calls for Qatar Row to be Resolved by End of Ramadan
  508. 2017-06-10 Can Trump Be Indicted for Obstruction of Justice-
  509. 2017-06-10 Britain’s Election Muddles Brexit Even More
  510. 2017-06-10 Boko Haram Claims Deadly Attack on Nigerian City
  511. 2017-06-10 Biden Joins Voices Asking Romney to Consider Utah Senate Race
  512. 2017-06-10 Anti-Sharia Rallies Draw Counterprotesters in Cities Across the US
  513. 2017-06-10 Amsterdam Police See No Terrorism in Car-pedestrian Incident
  514. 2017-06-10 1,000 Migrants Rescued Off Libyan Coast; Two Dead
  515. 2017-06-09 Venezuela's Attorney General Challenges Plan to Rewrite Constitution
  516. 2017-06-09 Trump to Reporters- Comey Statements Under Oath Weren't True
  517. 2017-06-09 Trump Willing to Answer Questions of Special Counsel About Comey Conversations
  518. 2017-06-09 Trump Targets Immigrants Who Got Deportation Reprieves From Obama
  519. 2017-06-09 Trump Says He'll Make US Infrastructure 'Envy of The World'
  520. 2017-06-09 Trump Doubles Down on Qatar, Even as Tillerson Urges Calm in Gulf Crisis
  521. 2017-06-09 Source- Trump Legal Team to File Complaint Over Comey Memos
  522. 2017-06-09 Republican Senator Calls White House Information Shutout 'Nonsense'
  523. 2017-06-09 Polio Immunization Campaign Planned for IS-controlled Area in Syria
  524. 2017-06-09 Officials Want to Arm Civilians After Militant Attacks in Kenya
  525. 2017-06-09 Next Step for France's New President- Consolidating Power
  526. 2017-06-09 New Google Project Digitizes World's Top Fashion Archives
  527. 2017-06-09 Iranian-made Drone Targeted Coalition Patrol in Syria
  528. 2017-06-09 IOM Launches Million Drought Appeal for Horn of Africa
  529. 2017-06-09 DRC President Honors Former Police Chief Accused of Abuses
  530. 2017-06-09 Cosby Offered to Pay for Grad School for Accuser, Jurors Hear at Trial
  531. 2017-06-09 Best Young Pianists Compete for Van Cliburn Gold
  532. 2017-06-09 Arab Powers Draw Up Qatari Blacklist; Turkey to Send Troops as Gulf Crisis Deepens
  533. 2017-06-09 Apple CEO to MIT Grads- Tech Without Values is Worthless
  534. 2017-06-09 Anti-Sharia Rallies This Weekend Worry Muslim Leaders
  535. 2017-06-09 Afghan Locals, Taliban Drive Islamic State From Tora Bora Region
  536. 2017-06-09 3 UN Peacekeepers Killed in Attack in Northern Mali
  537. 2017-06-08 Venezuela Assembly Plan Threatens Chavez Legacy, Prosecutor Says
  538. 2017-06-08 US Shoots Down Pro-regime Drone that Fired Upon Coalition Forces in Syria
  539. 2017-06-08 US Lawmakers Agree Fixes Needed in Health Service for Native Americans
  540. 2017-06-08 UN- Indigenous, Environment Rights Under Attack in Brazil
  541. 2017-06-08 Two Charged in US With Providing Support to Hezbollah
  542. 2017-06-08 Turkey Agrees to Send Up to 3,000 Troops to Qatar Amid Gulf Diplomatic Crisis
  543. 2017-06-08 Trump Uncharacteristically Quiet on Day of Historic Testimony
  544. 2017-06-08 Standing Rock Tribe's Fight Against Pipeline Goes Global
  545. 2017-06-08 Scientists Stimulate Immune System to Fight Heart Disease
  546. 2017-06-08 Rights Organization- UAE on Track to Improve Conditions for Migrant Domestic Workers
  547. 2017-06-08 Pence Expresses Support for Cyprus Peace Talks
  548. 2017-06-08 Pakistan's Sindh Province Increases Security Budget to Combat Crime, Extremism
  549. 2017-06-08 Lack of Power Lines Delays Sub-Saharan Africa's Biggest Wind Farm
  550. 2017-06-08 India's First Solar Satellite Television Service Brings 'Magic' to Villages
  551. 2017-06-08 In Major Breakthrough, Tiny Utah Firm Regenerates Skin, Hair in Pigs
  552. 2017-06-08 IS Says It Killed 2 Captive Chinese Nationals in Pakistan
  553. 2017-06-08 Hungarian Government Will Amend Proposed Measure on NGOs
  554. 2017-06-08 House Votes to Roll Back Post-2008 Financial Rules
  555. 2017-06-08 Hekmatyar Warns Against Efforts to Topple Afghan Government
  556. 2017-06-08 Former US National Security Adviser Brzezinski Remembered
  557. 2017-06-08 Fired FBI Director- Trump Wanted Loyalty, Halt to Flynn Probe
  558. 2017-06-08 Film ‘Beatriz at Dinner’ Serves Up Immigration Conflicts
  559. 2017-06-08 Earth, Wind & Fire Take to the Road With Hits — and Sadness
  560. 2017-06-08 Diplomats- US Wary of French Push for UN to Back Sahel Force
  561. 2017-06-08 Deadly Choices- Mosul Families Face Gunfire, Bombs or Starvation
  562. 2017-06-08 British Election Results Expected Friday
  563. 2017-06-08 Brazil Court Excludes Odebrecht Testimony Against Temer
  564. 2017-06-08 Automakers Move Toward Automatic Braking at Different Speeds
  565. 2017-06-08 Australian Police Conducting 'Counterterrorism' Raids
  566. 2017-06-08 Ant-hunting We Will Go!
  567. 2017-06-08 Al Jazeera Reports Repeated Cyberattacks
  568. 2017-06-08 14 Bodies Found in Mass Grave in Mexican Resort of Los Cabos
  569. 2017-06-07 US, Partners Plan European Military Exercise with 25,000 Troops
  570. 2017-06-07 US Senate Works on New Iran Sanctions, Possible Russia Sanctions
  571. 2017-06-07 US Sculptor Focuses London Exhibit on Iraq, Syria Conflicts
  572. 2017-06-07 US Lawmakers Condemn Turkish Embassy Attack
  573. 2017-06-07 US Intelligence Chiefs Decline to Discuss Conversations with Trump
  574. 2017-06-07 UN Report- Global Investment on Bumpy Road to Recovery
  575. 2017-06-07 Trump to Nominate Christopher Wray as FBI Director
  576. 2017-06-07 Trump Offers to Mediate Qatar's Diplomatic Crisis
  577. 2017-06-07 Suspected Boko Haram Fighters Attack Nigeria’s Maiduguri
  578. 2017-06-07 S. Africa Political Leader Hints at Impending End for Unpopular President
  579. 2017-06-07 Pressure Builds on British Muslims to Better Identify Extremists
  580. 2017-06-07 Peru, Indonesia to Make Fishing Boat Tracking Data Public
  581. 2017-06-07 NASA Selects 12 New Astronauts From Crush of Applicants
  582. 2017-06-07 More Deadly Heat Waves Expected in India as Temperatures Rise
  583. 2017-06-07 Life Under IS- A Soldier’s Story of Poison Bomb
  584. 2017-06-07 Layer of Fear Hangs Over Immigrants in Rural Pennsylvania Town
  585. 2017-06-07 Iran Blames Saudi Arabia for Tehran Attacks
  586. 2017-06-07 International Artists Bring Color to Israeli, Jordanian Streets
  587. 2017-06-07 In India, Concerns About Media Freedom After Raids on Broadcaster
  588. 2017-06-07 IS Attacks Show Iran's Vulnerability to Terror
  589. 2017-06-07 How Many Refugees Will US Accept This Year-
  590. 2017-06-07 Flight Attendant Wins Miss Tibet Pageant
  591. 2017-06-07 Facebook to Provide Data Maps to Help Agencies After Natural Disasters
  592. 2017-06-07 Facebook Launches Features to Connect US Users, Elected Officials
  593. 2017-06-07 Comey to Testify Trump Tried to Influence FBI Probe of Russian Election Meddling
  594. 2017-06-07 Canada to Increase Military Spending 70 Percent in 10 Years
  595. 2017-06-07 Brazil Court Split on Whether to Accept New Evidence on Temer Campaign
  596. 2017-06-07 Battle for Raqqa Pits US-backed Kurds Against Syrian Government-backed Militias
  597. 2017-06-06 Washington Braces for Comey Testimony
  598. 2017-06-06 US, Mexico Reach Sugar Pact Without Backing from US Producers
  599. 2017-06-06 US Might Quit UN Rights Body if No Reforms
  600. 2017-06-06 US Homeland Chief Suggests Kushner Part of Russia Probe
  601. 2017-06-06 US Denounces Venezuela for Repression, Demands Free Elections
  602. 2017-06-06 US Army Base Goes Green With Renewable Energy Project
  603. 2017-06-06 Trump Wades Into Diplomatic Spat Among Gulf Arab Nations
  604. 2017-06-06 Trump Defends His Twitter Musings, But Aides Worry
  605. 2017-06-06 Tillerson- Trump Says Look Past Turmoil and Re-Engage Russia
  606. 2017-06-06 Third London Attacker Named as British PM Faces Mounting Criticism
  607. 2017-06-06 Terror Attacks May Drive Security Issues in Upcoming Brexit Talks
  608. 2017-06-06 Survey Finds Sentiment Against Islamic State Rising in Indonesia
  609. 2017-06-06 South Africa's Economy Falls Into Recession
  610. 2017-06-06 Libya's Neighbors Push Political Deal Over Military Solution
  611. 2017-06-06 Ghani to Allow Taliban Office if Afghan Peace Progresses
  612. 2017-06-06 George and Amal Clooney Welcome Twins- A Boy and a Girl
  613. 2017-06-06 EU Hopes for Western Balkan Common Market by Mid-2018
  614. 2017-06-06 Driverless Bus-train Hybrid Runs on Virtual Painted Tracks
  615. 2017-06-06 Does the UN Have an Anti-Israel Bias-
  616. 2017-06-06 Despite Vow to End Catch and Release, Trump Is Still Freeing Thousands of Migrants
  617. 2017-06-06 As Election Nears, Britain Debates Security Fears, Failures
  618. 2017-06-06 Ariana Grande Becomes British Heroine with Manchester Concert
  619. 2017-06-06 Alleged Cosby Sex Assault Victim- 'I Wanted It to Stop'
  620. 2017-06-06 A Look at James Comey's Memorable Moments on Capitol Hill
  621. 2017-06-05 What Is Happening in Qatar-
  622. 2017-06-05 Ukrainian NGO Works to Stop Spread of HIV Among Sex Workers
  623. 2017-06-05 US Military- Qatar Regional Spat Has 'No Impact' on Operations
  624. 2017-06-05 US Ambassador Has Message for 'Corrupt' UN Rights Body
  625. 2017-06-05 Trump Won't Block Former FBI Chief's Testimony, White House Says
  626. 2017-06-05 Trump Tweets Again Overshadow Intended Agenda
  627. 2017-06-05 Trump Announces US Air Traffic Control Upgrade
  628. 2017-06-05 Trump Administration Considers Air Blasting in Atlantic in Search for Oil, Gas
  629. 2017-06-05 State Elections See Infusion of First-time Female Candidates
  630. 2017-06-05 Saint's Relics Are Miraculous Must-see in Secular Russia
  631. 2017-06-05 Rise in Hate Crimes Alarms Native American Communities
  632. 2017-06-05 One of London Bridge Attackers Was Known to Police
  633. 2017-06-05 India Launches Heavy Lift Rocket
  634. 2017-06-05 In Balkans, Russia Dismisses Macedonian Meddling Charges
  635. 2017-06-05 IDPs Flee Cameroon Camps After Militant Attacks
  636. 2017-06-05 Haiti Fears Deportations Will Mean Surge of Child Servants
  637. 2017-06-05 Cease-fire in Effect in South Sudan's War-torn Yei River State
  638. 2017-06-05 Canadian Victim in London Attack Died in Her Fiance's Arms
  639. 2017-06-05 British Security Services Questioned About Surveillance Priorities
  640. 2017-06-05 British Police Name 2 London Attackers
  641. 2017-06-05 Britain's Election Has Pollsters Nervous
  642. 2017-06-05 Bill Cosby Goes on Trial, His Legacy and Freedom at Stake
  643. 2017-06-05 Apple Unveils 'HomePod' Speaker, First New Product in Years
  644. 2017-06-05 Afghan Peace Conference Comes Amid Rising Terror, Political Tensions
  645. 2017-06-05 6 Countries, Including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE Cut Diplomatic Ties With Qatar
  646. 2017-06-05 'Wonder Woman' Gross Revised Up to 3.1 Million
  647. 2017-06-04 Worsening Afghan Security, Political Tensions Worry World Community
  648. 2017-06-04 US Sikhs Discuss How to Reduce Gun Violence
  649. 2017-06-04 Trump- World Needs to Stop Being 'Politically Correct' in Fighting Terrorism
  650. 2017-06-04 Syrian Troops Pound Daraa After Rebel Attack
  651. 2017-06-04 Swift Police Response, Individual Heroism Hailed in London Attack
  652. 2017-06-04 S. Africa's Anti-Graft Watchdog to Probe Dlamini-Zuma's Protection Detail
  653. 2017-06-04 Quickly Reporting Cancer Complications May Boost Survival
  654. 2017-06-04 Putin Denies Ever Meeting With Trump
  655. 2017-06-04 Pakistani Troops Raid Suspected IS Base in Baluchistan
  656. 2017-06-04 Mattis Offers Assurances of US 'Enduring Commitment' to Asia
  657. 2017-06-04 Israel, Senegal Mend Diplomatic Ties
  658. 2017-06-04 Islamic State Claims London Terror Rampage
  659. 2017-06-04 In Shadow of Deadly Attacks, British Election Campaign Resumes
  660. 2017-06-04 Gospel Artist Fundraises for Malawi’s Only Children Cancer Ward
  661. 2017-06-04 Facebook Vows Steps to Create 'Hostile Environment' for Terrorists
  662. 2017-06-04 DC Roundup- US-Asia Security Talks, Trump on Terrorism, Putin on US Election
  663. 2017-06-04 Cambodian Opposition Makes Gains in Local Elections
  664. 2017-06-04 Bloomberg Leads Effort to Help US Stick to Paris Deal
  665. 2017-06-04 Ariana Grande Returns to Manchester to Honor Victims With Concert
  666. 2017-06-04 'Free Speech,' 'No Nazi' Counter Rallies Fill Downtown Portland
  667. 2017-06-03 Trump 'Believes Climate Is Changing,' Haley Tells CNN
  668. 2017-06-03 Tillerson to Tackle Regional Challenges on First Trip to South Pacific
  669. 2017-06-03 Thousands Rally in N. Morocco After Protest Leader Arrested
  670. 2017-06-03 Terror Alert in London- Van Mows Down Pedestrians, Others Stabbed
  671. 2017-06-03 Surfing Icon O'Neill Dies at 94
  672. 2017-06-03 SpaceX Launches First Recycled Supply Ship
  673. 2017-06-03 Singer Ariana Grande Delights Fans with UK Hospital Visit
  674. 2017-06-03 Ramadan Fasting Seen as Means of 'Recharging Spiritual Batteries'
  675. 2017-06-03 Putin- US Could Have Hacked Election, Blamed Russia
  676. 2017-06-03 Perry Staying Busy, Gaining in Enthusiasm at Energy Department
  677. 2017-06-03 Pence Praises Trump as ‘More Concerned with Des Moines Than Denmark’
  678. 2017-06-03 Panicked Fans Scatter in Turin After Champions League Soccer Match
  679. 2017-06-03 NY Times- Trump Not Planning to Invoke Executive Privilege for Comey Testimony
  680. 2017-06-03 Mattis Says China's Militarization of Man-Made Islands Unacceptable
  681. 2017-06-03 Iraqi Forces Bogged Down Against IS in Old Mosul
  682. 2017-06-03 Fight for Raqqa 'Could Begin' In Coming Days, Syrian Kurdish Militia Confirms
  683. 2017-06-03 Egypt, Sudan Downplay Strains After High Level Visit
  684. 2017-06-03 Anti-Trump Protesters Gather Across US, Abroad
  685. 2017-06-02 What's Truly Italian- Food Fight Foils 'Made in Italy' Plan
  686. 2017-06-02 US Senators Seek Information on Detained Immigrants' Medical Care
  687. 2017-06-02 US Military Sees Climate Change as Threat to Security
  688. 2017-06-02 US Intelligence Chiefs to Testify on Foreign Surveillance Law
  689. 2017-06-02 UN Security Council Sanctions More North Korean Companies, Individuals
  690. 2017-06-02 UK Police Search Car in Manchester Attack investigation
  691. 2017-06-02 Trump Climate Action Would Hurt Africa, Activists Say
  692. 2017-06-02 Terror Concerns Scuttle International Cricket Matches in Pakistan
  693. 2017-06-02 Study- Childhood Cancer Survivors Have Fewer Long-term Side Effects
  694. 2017-06-02 Small Iowa Town Celebrates Its Diversity
  695. 2017-06-02 Six Countries to Join UN Security Council for Temporary Terms
  696. 2017-06-02 Satellite Images Used to Track Food Insecurity in South Sudan
  697. 2017-06-02 Rotating Wooden Drum Aims to Help Child Development
  698. 2017-06-02 Quake-Prone Pacific Rim Cities Upgrade to Recover Quickly
  699. 2017-06-02 Putin Urges US Business to Help Normalize Russia-US Ties
  700. 2017-06-02 Putin Ridicules Russia Hysteria in US
  701. 2017-06-02 Pruitt- Americans Should Not Apologize for Paris Accord Withdrawal
  702. 2017-06-02 Mosul Fight Down to Three Neighborhoods, US Military Says
  703. 2017-06-02 More Griffin Shows Canceled as Backlash Over Trump Video Grows
  704. 2017-06-02 Islamic State Battles for Control of Philippine Narrative
  705. 2017-06-02 Ireland's Ruling Party Names First Gay Prime Minister
  706. 2017-06-02 Investors Bet Trump Climate Withdrawal to Boost US Drilling
  707. 2017-06-02 In Wake of Bombing, Afghans Protest, Demand President Resign
  708. 2017-06-02 In Sub-Saharan Africa, 1 in 5 Twins Dies Before Age 5
  709. 2017-06-02 Has India's Currency Ban Stopped Its Economic Momentum-
  710. 2017-06-02 Former Penn State Administrators Sentenced in Sandusky Scandal
  711. 2017-06-02 Forecasters Say Drought May Linger in Ethiopia
  712. 2017-06-02 Ethiopia Shuts Down Internet Access Again, Activists Say
  713. 2017-06-02 E. Ukraine Conflict Impacts War Against HIV
  714. 2017-06-02 DC Roundup- No Apology From EPA Chief, Effect on Africa, International Students in US
  715. 2017-06-02 Chaotic Final Battles in Mosul Rip Families Apart
  716. 2017-06-02 Cambodia's Ruling Party Faces Tough Test in Wooing Urban Voters
  717. 2017-06-02 California 12-Year-Old Wins US Spelling Bee Crown
  718. 2017-06-02 Afghans Angered by Lack of Security Clash With Police; 4 Dead
  719. 2017-06-02 AP Fact Check- Holes in Trump's Reasoning on Climate Pullout
  720. 2017-06-01 What Is the Haqqani Network-
  721. 2017-06-01 US Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal Disappoints Many Businesses
  722. 2017-06-01 US Officials- Fight for Raqqa 'Could Begin in the Coming Days'
  723. 2017-06-01 US Groups Focused on 'Countering Violent Extremism' Still Waiting for Funds
  724. 2017-06-01 US Army Ramps Up Testing of Autonomous Trucks
  725. 2017-06-01 UN- Renewed Violence Puts CAR Peace Process on Life Support
  726. 2017-06-01 Trump's Climate Pullback Opens Door to Chinese Leadership
  727. 2017-06-01 Trump to Pull US Out of Paris Climate Deal
  728. 2017-06-01 Treasury Chief 'Confident' Congress Will Raise US Debt Limit
  729. 2017-06-01 Syria Conflict Tilts Increasingly to East of War-ravaged Country
  730. 2017-06-01 Stones' Guitarist Richards Donates Items for Auction Benefiting Autistic Adults
  731. 2017-06-01 Stars Added to Grande's Manchester Concert
  732. 2017-06-01 Soccer Body Wants 'Minimum Interference' From Video Replays
  733. 2017-06-01 Scientists Spot Rare Gravity Waves for Third Time
  734. 2017-06-01 Russian Prosecutor Urges Guilty Verdict in Nemtsov Killing
  735. 2017-06-01 Report- Flynn-owned Firm Was Paid Millions to Produce Pro-Turkey Film
  736. 2017-06-01 Philippines Police Searching for Casino Gunman
  737. 2017-06-01 Pakistani Senate Chastises Government for Joining 'Anti-Iran' Coalition
  738. 2017-06-01 Once-Flagging Alaska Space Business Shows Signs of Liftoff
  739. 2017-06-01 Microsoft Cofounder Unveils Huge Rocket Launching Plane
  740. 2017-06-01 Justice Officials- No Pause in Hate Crime, Civil Rights Prosecutions Under Trump
  741. 2017-06-01 Investors Pick Tesla's Promise Over GM's Steady Profits
  742. 2017-06-01 Haitian Women Press for Recognition From UN Peacekeeper Fathers
  743. 2017-06-01 Foreign Ministry- Algeria Accepts Syrians Trapped on Morocco Border
  744. 2017-06-01 Europe Leaders React Angrily to Trump Climate Pact Decision
  745. 2017-06-01 Biden Launches PAC- It's 'Time for Big Dreams'
  746. 2017-06-01 As Europe Talks Tough on Climate, Data Show Emissions Rose

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